Here is What People are Saying

Kayla Sprinkel


"I sought out a professional trainer (you) because I was tired of the way I was feeling about myself. I knew you’re caring nature already so to have that in a trainer made me want to work with you. You generally care about the results your trainee gets. It isn’t about a money opportunity. My results were greater than I imagined. I grew stronger physically but also mentally. It was something I looked forward to and it made me feel happier know that I was doing something to take care of myself."

Shannon Hodges


" I wanted a personal trainer because I felt like it would motivate me even more to workout and my results were awesome!"

Jennifer MacKay


"I came to Stephanie 4 months postpartum and just getting back ingot exercising. She was really motivating and great at gently pushing me to go a little further when I thought I couldn't  do anymore. She was really knowledgeable and able to work with me at my own level. She even gave me exercises to help strengthen my knee after a previous injury"